Saturday, 6 February 2016

3 Advantages of Hiring Cloud Migration Consulting Company

The significant growth of cloud computing has gained much popularity in context to the business environment. With more companies starting to realize the value of cloud services in their daily operations, many are slowly integrating certain services with the aim of completely migrating operations to the cloud. This, however, requires careful and intelligent decision-making combined with a practical analysis of the actual needs and goals of your business. This is where cloud migration consulting companies come to play, helping you make an informed choice by providing the best options and laying down important considerations that should drive your decision.

Moving applications and services to the cloud is a significant decision that will have a long term impact on your business. Despite its many advantages, cloud migration isn’t necessarily the best move for everyone. A cloud migration consulting company can help you evaluate your company’s needs and your long term goals to make sure that you are making the correct decision. In addition to this, cloud migration consulting offers many other benefits to businesses, including:

• Building the best and worst case scenarios for your company when you do decide to adopt the cloud. Cloud migration can help you reduce operational costs, increase IT effectiveness, ensure faster application implementation, and greater scalability, but it also has potential drawbacks like possibly exposing sensitive data to people who shouldn’t have access to them, and other known and unknown challenges. These are just some of the things that consulting companies can shed light on to help you make a decision.

• Maximizing the advantages of cloud migration by choosing the right cloud computing model for your business’ needs. There are three major types of cloud computing models available today, namely, infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) set ups.

• Finally, a cloud migration consulting company can also help you assess your applications and systems for cloud migration readiness.

5 Factors to Consider When Hiring an ERP Development Company for Your Business in India

Implementing ERP software with nothing but internal resources is next to impossible. It is very rare for companies, especially small organizations, to pull it off by themselves without experiencing any major issues. This is because many companies do not have the in-house skills and expertise to deliver and implement a successful ERP on time, and within the allotted budget. Finding the right ERP development company is important if you want your ERP software implementation to succeed. Here are 5 key factors to consider when seeking out the services of an ERP development company:

  • Experience is the first pre-requisite to look for in a reliable ERP development company. Certifications and trainings don't substitute for a company's actual deployment experience, because only through actual implementations do companies learn the ins-and-outs of ERP systems. Choose a company with an ample amount of experience and a solid track-record of highly successful ERP implementations, preferably within your industry and with businesses of the same size as your enterprise.

  • Choose a company with the right tools and proven methodologies. Make sure that the company has the right set of tools to implement your ERP software, and the proper techniques needed to back it up.

  • In addition to relevant industry experience, industry knowledge is another important consideration. This not only means knowledge of ERP development and implementation, but also knowledge of your specific industry since ERP implementations require a very different approach depending on the line of work that a particular business is in.

  • Your ERP development partner must also take time to study your old system and have experience in using and implementing the type of ERP system that you are planning to use. ERP systems tend to have the same goal, but they approach these goals very differently.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Mobile App Development in Gurgaon for Your Business

Whether you are a startup or an established business, the ability to reach new customers and provide services for existing ones is vital for your success. Whatever your goal, you should give serious thought about getting an awesome mobile app developed. It might sound easy, but with all the stereotypical adverts about app developers seen daily, it is trickier than it seems. Getting a sturdy, user-friendly mobile app developed is a tough task and requires experience and expertise. Many business owners who got their app made by freelance developers for next to nothing later rue their choice. Their bid to cut costs always backfires, as such apps are buggy, look stale, and usually cannot fully execute the tasks they were created for. Other businesses end up hiring overprices development companies that deliver a sub-standard product at incredibly high rates.

A well-designed app can help you reach your clients and offer your services efficiently. A great app will also get you and your brand the recognition you need to attract new customers. There are numerous mobile app development companies in Gurgaon that can help you create the perfect app for your business. Choosing the right one can be difficult if you do not understand the intricacies of mobile app development and pricing.

Things to Keep In Mind While Choosing an App Developer

• A basic app requires less time and money: This is probably the primary thing to consider when you are considering building an app for your growing business. When your needs are basic, you can get an app made fast and do not need to pay a lot either. Therefore, it is important first to understand your needs before you take the plunge. More features and functions in your app will raise the development time and cost.

• The difference between backend, hybrid and native apps: This is probably the first question you will be asked when you talk to a developer.  A native app is designed for a particular OS (Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, etc.) and the entire app is installed on the device. The developer needs to recreate the code for multiple platforms. Hybrid apps are designed using web technologies and deployed across multiple platforms, lowering development cost and time. For enterprise apps that need integration with your backend, both these systems may fall short as the process is very intensive. This can be overcome with backend as a service (BaaS) or even model-driven platforms. They all have their pros and cons so you would need to do your research.

The primary task is to identify your need and the services you wish to deliver. Adding too many features to an app, even if well intentioned can make it cumbersome to use and resource hungry, or worse difficult to install. Always discuss options with your developer to find out what works best for you.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Mobile Application Development Companies in Delhi – Bring Fame to Your Business

Smartphones and tablets have enabled most people to remain connected 24/7. In today’s digital media age, consumers do not wait to sit on a desktop to buy a product or service or interact with someone. Because of these ubiquitous handhelds, users can gather information about products while on the go, and meet people round-the-clock.

Smartphones and tablets have also allowed the companies to be in contact with their consumers at all times. It has helped them better understand the mindset and needs of their customers, and create products that suit the client’s needs.

The Many Advantages of Apps for Business Owners:

• Easy to Reach Consumers: Apps have revolutionized the marketplace in more ways than one can imagine. From a business perspective, since all apps remain on the handheld, businesses are always within reach of the consumer. Messages, offers and news are shareable on a real-time basis, helping business owners engage with their customers on the go. This ensures that the company brand always remains in the mental periphery of consumers.

• Smooth Service: Customers want hassle-free services. Using mobile applications, companies can provide just that, and that too, on a continuous basis. The possibilities are immense, from better brand development to increased sales.

• Seamless Customer Support: Apps provide instant support to consumers. All queries can be answered and issues resolved in a fraction of the time taken on the phone or through emails.

More companies are relying on India’s software development capabilities to create apps for iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones and tablets. The Indian development companies based out of Delhi create apps which are smooth, engaging and user-friendly, and are an instant hit with the consumers. The capital city has emerged as a reliable app development marketplace for businesses around the world. Quite a few significant players in the city have the capabilities to develop world-class apps for the iOS and Android platform.

Some Advantages

• Technical Advantage:
Delhi has emerged as one the latest technological hubs in India. The city is able to tap the talent pool of all the northern states in the country and produce some brilliant technologists. Delhi has historically housed some of the top businesses in the country, helping create a technical professional workforce that sets world standards in abilities and performance.

• Cost Effective Services: Unlike the standard metros, Delhi still has a low-cost base for businesses, allowing IT companies to provide the best quality services at rates which are amongst the most competitive in the world. 

• Time and Language Advantage: Delhi techno-specialists are fluent in the English language. They are able to easily understand client requirements within a fraction of the time taken by the client to explain the details to people who are not fluent in the English language.

• Round-the-Clock Support: App development companies in Delhi are known for their incredible 24*7 support, developing and maintaining apps round-the-clock for their clients. The dedicated support minimizes errors and allows the apps to run smoothly.

Delhi has some of best mobile app development companies offering quality services when delivering applications, having various technical accreditations. These multiple advantages have ensured that the city has become a favorite among businesses looking to offshore their app development.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Cloud Migration: Improving Business Prospects

Cloud computing is slowly, but surely, redefining the way companies do business in the modern era. With more small business owners discovering the advantages and big changes that cloud computing can bring to a business. It is projected that cloud migrations will double in number by the year 2020.

Here are major reasons why small businesses, ranging from tech startups to mom and-pop-shops, are migrating to the cloud (and why you too should consider the move):

• Cloud computing offers significant savings over traditional operations. Cloud computing maximizes hardware utilization, as virtualization increases value provided. By moving to the cloud, you can do so much more with less. This results in less rack space, power needs, and IT requirements. This also results in lower installation, hardware, maintenance, support, and upgrade costs.

• Cloud computing solutions help with better collaboration. The ability to access and store files in the cloud enables team members and employees to work with/from the same updated master document. Employers and project managers can also opt to limit access by different team members, while also tracking and managing their individual progress. This improves efficiency on many levels.

• Cloud computing allows for increased flexibility. Now that we live in a constantly moving and mobile world, it is important that people have access to the things they need when they need it. Gone are the days when productivity is stomped because a file is stuck on one inaccessible server. One of the most attractive benefits of the cloud is giving users the ability to access information and resources from any device and from all locations, at any time (enterprise mobility). This allows businesses to cater to remote workers with flexible working arrangements.

• Finally, cloud computing allows for greater integration, and in turn, improved business prospects. This allows for simplification of tasks, ultimately leading to greater productivity, especially concerning critical areas of business.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Software Development Companies: Refining Business Functions

Convincing top superiors to retain the outsourcing services of a professional software development company is definitely a daunting task, especially when the case is strong for the current over-the-shelf software. The best way to make them realize the value of custom software is to educate them about its benefits, particularly in terms of having a tailor-made program that specifically targets your business goals.

Software applications and programs  specifically developed for a business have the business' needs and interests at heart. It guarantees functionalities, features, and additional operations which best serve the operations a business needs to function properly. While licensed & vendor-bought software can perform many functions of custom software, it cannot offer the same flexibility & freedom when it comes to the firm’s specific needs.

Scalability is another major advantage of custom developed software, allowing your business tool to grow as your operations expand in size and scope. Off-the-shelf software may be inexpensive to purchase, however, it is expensive to license, nevertheless. Additionally, expansion and upgrades are usually up to the vendor/developer, which can take a long time to materialize, unlike custom software that can be scaled up or down as required.

Custom software development not only helps refine business functions by providing the exact ingredients needed for success. Also, it helps protect from external threats such as malware or internet attacks. The majority of hacking attempts are results of known software vulnerabilities. Having software specifically developed for your business protects the firm from varied kinds of threats.

Finding the right software development company is critical to the success of your overall business development. Choose a company that uses transitional on top of traditional IT models to ensure the progressive nature of your software programs. The best software developers also leverage new technology to help them innovate and reinvent businesses.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Recent Trends in Hybris Development in Delhi

Hybris is an eCommerce software suite designed for enterprises that offers B2B and B2C store functionality. As of now, more than 2,500 online stores use the Hybris platform, containing more than 20 million products, and over 500,000 orders every day. The platform remains an extensive modular omni-channel commerce environment that provides cutting-edge functionality for B2B and B2C e-commerce environments.

Recently in March 2015, the latest version of Hybris Commerce Suite (ver 5.5) was released to the public, offering a more powerful platform for omni-channel commerce.
Below are some of the most significant improvements and features that Hybris offers to businesses around the world:

• The new version of Hybris includes boasts of capabilities and modules useful for running non-channel-biased back end processes in domains such as customer service and product management. The support for these back end facilities, without the need for costlier integrations, is a unique feature present only in the latest Hybris version.

• An extensively responsive design, combined with a B2C accelerator, helps reduce front-end implementation work. This combination enables implementation of solution-specific requirements, rather than spending the allocated front-end development budget on mandatory responsive redesign.

The latest Hybris platform implements Forms (it’s Forms standard) which allows for more convenient solutions for complex product lines. Traditionally, this required enabling consumers to store product-specific data while placing RFQs and orders. This often resulted in costly customizations and modifications. Form offers built-in capabilities for values stored by consumers to be easily configured. After storing values, reference implementation is immediately available to create an order model. Forms can also include complex validation dependencies and rules for more efficient implementation of the project.

• Hybris 5.5 also offers extensive CMS improvements for more intuitive and user-friendly tools to create and edit content, including a responsive live edit feature. While some features were included in previous version via Hybris Labs extensions, Hybris 5.5 has them in-built, giving it more comprehensive functionalities. Some enhancements for page preview modes are available for sites to easily be previewed for various break points and mobile devices.