Monday, 7 December 2015

Mobile Application Development Companies in Delhi – Bring Fame to Your Business

Smartphones and tablets have enabled most people to remain connected 24/7. In today’s digital media age, consumers do not wait to sit on a desktop to buy a product or service or interact with someone. Because of these ubiquitous handhelds, users can gather information about products while on the go, and meet people round-the-clock.

Smartphones and tablets have also allowed the companies to be in contact with their consumers at all times. It has helped them better understand the mindset and needs of their customers, and create products that suit the client’s needs.

The Many Advantages of Apps for Business Owners:

• Easy to Reach Consumers: Apps have revolutionized the marketplace in more ways than one can imagine. From a business perspective, since all apps remain on the handheld, businesses are always within reach of the consumer. Messages, offers and news are shareable on a real-time basis, helping business owners engage with their customers on the go. This ensures that the company brand always remains in the mental periphery of consumers.

• Smooth Service: Customers want hassle-free services. Using mobile applications, companies can provide just that, and that too, on a continuous basis. The possibilities are immense, from better brand development to increased sales.

• Seamless Customer Support: Apps provide instant support to consumers. All queries can be answered and issues resolved in a fraction of the time taken on the phone or through emails.

More companies are relying on India’s software development capabilities to create apps for iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones and tablets. The Indian development companies based out of Delhi create apps which are smooth, engaging and user-friendly, and are an instant hit with the consumers. The capital city has emerged as a reliable app development marketplace for businesses around the world. Quite a few significant players in the city have the capabilities to develop world-class apps for the iOS and Android platform.

Some Advantages

• Technical Advantage:
Delhi has emerged as one the latest technological hubs in India. The city is able to tap the talent pool of all the northern states in the country and produce some brilliant technologists. Delhi has historically housed some of the top businesses in the country, helping create a technical professional workforce that sets world standards in abilities and performance.

• Cost Effective Services: Unlike the standard metros, Delhi still has a low-cost base for businesses, allowing IT companies to provide the best quality services at rates which are amongst the most competitive in the world. 

• Time and Language Advantage: Delhi techno-specialists are fluent in the English language. They are able to easily understand client requirements within a fraction of the time taken by the client to explain the details to people who are not fluent in the English language.

• Round-the-Clock Support: App development companies in Delhi are known for their incredible 24*7 support, developing and maintaining apps round-the-clock for their clients. The dedicated support minimizes errors and allows the apps to run smoothly.

Delhi has some of best mobile app development companies offering quality services when delivering applications, having various technical accreditations. These multiple advantages have ensured that the city has become a favorite among businesses looking to offshore their app development.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Cloud Migration: Improving Business Prospects

Cloud computing is slowly, but surely, redefining the way companies do business in the modern era. With more small business owners discovering the advantages and big changes that cloud computing can bring to a business. It is projected that cloud migrations will double in number by the year 2020.

Here are major reasons why small businesses, ranging from tech startups to mom and-pop-shops, are migrating to the cloud (and why you too should consider the move):

• Cloud computing offers significant savings over traditional operations. Cloud computing maximizes hardware utilization, as virtualization increases value provided. By moving to the cloud, you can do so much more with less. This results in less rack space, power needs, and IT requirements. This also results in lower installation, hardware, maintenance, support, and upgrade costs.

• Cloud computing solutions help with better collaboration. The ability to access and store files in the cloud enables team members and employees to work with/from the same updated master document. Employers and project managers can also opt to limit access by different team members, while also tracking and managing their individual progress. This improves efficiency on many levels.

• Cloud computing allows for increased flexibility. Now that we live in a constantly moving and mobile world, it is important that people have access to the things they need when they need it. Gone are the days when productivity is stomped because a file is stuck on one inaccessible server. One of the most attractive benefits of the cloud is giving users the ability to access information and resources from any device and from all locations, at any time (enterprise mobility). This allows businesses to cater to remote workers with flexible working arrangements.

• Finally, cloud computing allows for greater integration, and in turn, improved business prospects. This allows for simplification of tasks, ultimately leading to greater productivity, especially concerning critical areas of business.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Software Development Companies: Refining Business Functions

Convincing top superiors to retain the outsourcing services of a professional software development company is definitely a daunting task, especially when the case is strong for the current over-the-shelf software. The best way to make them realize the value of custom software is to educate them about its benefits, particularly in terms of having a tailor-made program that specifically targets your business goals.

Software applications and programs  specifically developed for a business have the business' needs and interests at heart. It guarantees functionalities, features, and additional operations which best serve the operations a business needs to function properly. While licensed & vendor-bought software can perform many functions of custom software, it cannot offer the same flexibility & freedom when it comes to the firm’s specific needs.

Scalability is another major advantage of custom developed software, allowing your business tool to grow as your operations expand in size and scope. Off-the-shelf software may be inexpensive to purchase, however, it is expensive to license, nevertheless. Additionally, expansion and upgrades are usually up to the vendor/developer, which can take a long time to materialize, unlike custom software that can be scaled up or down as required.

Custom software development not only helps refine business functions by providing the exact ingredients needed for success. Also, it helps protect from external threats such as malware or internet attacks. The majority of hacking attempts are results of known software vulnerabilities. Having software specifically developed for your business protects the firm from varied kinds of threats.

Finding the right software development company is critical to the success of your overall business development. Choose a company that uses transitional on top of traditional IT models to ensure the progressive nature of your software programs. The best software developers also leverage new technology to help them innovate and reinvent businesses.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Recent Trends in Hybris Development in Delhi

Hybris is an eCommerce software suite designed for enterprises that offers B2B and B2C store functionality. As of now, more than 2,500 online stores use the Hybris platform, containing more than 20 million products, and over 500,000 orders every day. The platform remains an extensive modular omni-channel commerce environment that provides cutting-edge functionality for B2B and B2C e-commerce environments.

Recently in March 2015, the latest version of Hybris Commerce Suite (ver 5.5) was released to the public, offering a more powerful platform for omni-channel commerce.
Below are some of the most significant improvements and features that Hybris offers to businesses around the world:

• The new version of Hybris includes boasts of capabilities and modules useful for running non-channel-biased back end processes in domains such as customer service and product management. The support for these back end facilities, without the need for costlier integrations, is a unique feature present only in the latest Hybris version.

• An extensively responsive design, combined with a B2C accelerator, helps reduce front-end implementation work. This combination enables implementation of solution-specific requirements, rather than spending the allocated front-end development budget on mandatory responsive redesign.

The latest Hybris platform implements Forms (it’s Forms standard) which allows for more convenient solutions for complex product lines. Traditionally, this required enabling consumers to store product-specific data while placing RFQs and orders. This often resulted in costly customizations and modifications. Form offers built-in capabilities for values stored by consumers to be easily configured. After storing values, reference implementation is immediately available to create an order model. Forms can also include complex validation dependencies and rules for more efficient implementation of the project.

• Hybris 5.5 also offers extensive CMS improvements for more intuitive and user-friendly tools to create and edit content, including a responsive live edit feature. While some features were included in previous version via Hybris Labs extensions, Hybris 5.5 has them in-built, giving it more comprehensive functionalities. Some enhancements for page preview modes are available for sites to easily be previewed for various break points and mobile devices.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Tips to Find Mobile Application Development Companies in Delhi

The global pool of experienced and reliable mobile application development companies are still relatively small, but are masked by many newcomers trying to enter the scene. Although the mobile app industry is still young, it is not impossible to find seasoned developers who can handle complex projects your business requires. Although finding a good developer near you is beneficial, this isn't always critical. Besides, offshore companies often provide better expertise, along with a larger pool of talent to meet your needs. Mobile app development companies in India, particularly in Delhi, are some of the world's leading service providers when it comes to mobile development. However, it is quite a challenge to sift through really good companies and separate top notch agencies from the rest of the pool. Here are some things to remember:

 • Ask about their experience in the mobile app-making arena. If they published their first mobile application closer to 2008—the year when the app store first went live—it is highly likely they can handle complex development requirements. This is a good indicator of their experience and expertise in the field. While the industry is young, it does move fast. Do not discount newcomers readily, especially when they have seasoned experts backing them.

 • Investigate their development process, and look for specific nailed down strategies, realistic time lines, and budget compliance. This will ensure on-time delivery, and a development process that doesn't overshoot your economic limits.

 • Ask about their previous applications, and which have been successful enough to be featured prominently in major app stores. This is a good sign of a company that stays on top in today’s fast-paced app development ecosystem.

 • Finally, find out about their UI philosophy. A developer worth its salt will surely know how to make good decisions to provide you with the best end product.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Offshore Software Product Development – Understand the Process

Offshore software programs are the products that are designed and promoted by companies in foreign countries. People use this service to reduce the labor cost of developing software in more developed countries. As a result, they develop more software at the affordable cost. Understand the four-stage process of developing products for offshore software:

1.    Inception
The inception stage is the complete plan for the software’s development. The company determines all the requirements to create the software from cost to labor needs.

2.    Elaboration
During this stage, the company lists the priorities of creating this software. The strategies, risks, and benefits are analyzed in depth.

3.    Construction
The construction stage includes the design and development of the product. The software is designed according to the standards of quality and tested for defects.

4.    Transition
This stage includes the release of the software to users. The product and company both start to get more attention in the media.

Countries like India and China have software developers who specialize in offshore products. These project managers are responsible for overseeing the four main stages of the development process and ensuring that standards of quality are met. As long as all of the four steps are implemented correctly, companies are guaranteed to make good products.

Thursday, 30 April 2015

How to Choose the Best Smartphone App Development Company in India

Now is the perfect time to put your new idea for a mobile app to good use. Whether you want to enhance an existing business with a readily available useful and helpful smart-phone App for your consumers or simply want to introduce a new idea. The most cost effective way to bring your brilliant idea into execution is hiring a development company who can do the grunt work for you.

Today, you will find countless development companies vying for your business online. However, not all of them might be able to provide such quality services that can live up to your expectations. Therefore, you need to ensure that you choose a development company that not only understands your business requirements but provides services that fulfill all your needs, since, the selected development company will play a valuable role in your new venture as you tap into the mobile app market.

It has been observed that most of the businesses prefer hiring development companies from India. As today, India is having reasonably large pool of talented and technically proficient developers that can take any software development challenges. Development companies in India not only provide cost advantage without compromising on quality but also offers right expertise, experience, equipment, and knowledge about emerging trends. These are necessary to design, develop, produce, test, and publish your new app. Therefore, outsourcing software projects to the right mobile apps development company in India is your key to success.  

You need to follow some basic guidelines while looking for the right development firm to partner with for your mobile apps venture. First, look for a software company that shows a keen interest in your business and tried to understand your business requirement correctly.

A good apps development company will guide you through the entire life cycle of application development, offers their expert advice, and at the same time gives you the freedom to make creative inputs to ensure the app meets all your requirements. In addition, you should look into the past experiences and existing portfolio of the company and on the basis of these information choose a company that has the expertise to create similar types of apps or at least apps that are closely related to your requirement.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Advantages of Outsourcing Software Product Development

Outsourcing software product development can help your business save time and resources. Your company might have the option and the budget to hire its own software development team, but it is often more practical to outsource the service. This way, you do not have to worry about hiring and maintaining your own in-house software development staff.

Cost is one of the main reasons why companies outsource the software product development. The substantial savings allow you to pay only for the services for your project. This makes the software product development more affordable and plausible, even for the small and medium size companies. The offshore software product development company will provide you with a team of expert software developers who will work on your project from start to finish.  Also, they are not employed in your company therefore, you do not have to worry about paying salaries and providing benefits or incurring infrastructure costs.

Outsourcing has made it quicker and easier for businesses to have their own software. Many offshore software product development companies are known for completing projects successfully, and the positive results have helped businesses improve their daily functions and customer relations. Outsourcing software product development also fills the gaps in your company as it is a beneficial step if you lack manpower or IT is simply not the focus area for your business. Hence, you do not have to establish your own IT department.

Outsourcing software product development must be done carefully. Choose a reputed company that is known globally for their excellent services. Look for an offshore software product development company that can offer the highest quality services and products with a comprehensive suite of services and top notch confidentiality and security. The best offshore software product development company must help accelerate the product development cycles of your business and minimize the time to market the software.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

How Outsourced Software Product Development Can Help Your Business

Outsourcing software development has been the trend in the IT world since the rapid development of computer and internet technology. Not only does outsourcing offers an efficient cost-cutting solution for the software development and maintenance, it also provides different businesses and industries with an access to a diverse set of expertise that breaks the barriers of their own in-house limitations. This outsourcing trend continues and is even bigger and stronger today, especially with more businesses relying on technology for some important aspects of their operations.

The benefits of outsourcing software product development cannot be denied. Trying to develop any kind of software product internally can be very taxing in terms of resources and revenue because companies are forced to engage key personnel in secondary tasks, which reduces their productivity while draining out the payroll dollars. Outsourcing, on the other hand, keeps the key personnel focused on other revenue generating objectives and eliminates the need to add internal staff to specialize on the tasks. Recruiting additional internal staff increases overhead risks, especially when taking in unproven talent, which makes outsourcing to well-established IT Services companies like Q3 Technologies with the right expertise even more beneficial, because companies like Q3 reduce the risk of unwanted expenditures on failed projects due to internal development issues.

Outsourced development also accomplishes the results much faster than in-house development. More than reducing labor rates, outsourcing software development also speeds up the process, which can be very beneficial for time-sensitive projects. This also means that the products can be brought to the market quicker, allowing you to realize profits faster. With faster development, comes reduced overhead costs and higher potential profits as well as lower risks of costly project termination. Reduced overheads also give you the opportunity to introduce your product at a more competitive pricing rate, while giving you the edge of a stronger market presence and long term maintenance and support services without spending extra on retaining any in-house development teams.