Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Offshore Software Product Development – Understand the Process

Offshore software programs are the products that are designed and promoted by companies in foreign countries. People use this service to reduce the labor cost of developing software in more developed countries. As a result, they develop more software at the affordable cost. Understand the four-stage process of developing products for offshore software:

1.    Inception
The inception stage is the complete plan for the software’s development. The company determines all the requirements to create the software from cost to labor needs.

2.    Elaboration
During this stage, the company lists the priorities of creating this software. The strategies, risks, and benefits are analyzed in depth.

3.    Construction
The construction stage includes the design and development of the product. The software is designed according to the standards of quality and tested for defects.

4.    Transition
This stage includes the release of the software to users. The product and company both start to get more attention in the media.

Countries like India and China have software developers who specialize in offshore products. These project managers are responsible for overseeing the four main stages of the development process and ensuring that standards of quality are met. As long as all of the four steps are implemented correctly, companies are guaranteed to make good products.