Sunday, 19 October 2014

Offshore or Onshore Mobile App Development: Which is better?

One of the hottest trends in software development today is mobile application development. A great number of businesses pursue mobile applications for marketing purposes and business growth. The rest of the entrepreneurial scene clamors over choosing someone to design their own application. The debate rages over if offshore companies are better than onshore providers or not. This question can only be   answered by making a detailed evaluation. Analyze   your business' requirements, budget, and expertise that you require to create the end product you want.

Search the web and you will find endless choices of software development companies offering their own mix of services, designed to satisfy the needs of different types of businesses. When selecting a mobile app developer, choose highly experienced companies that are specialized   in the type of business you run. Make sure it offers comprehensive product development services i.e. from design to testing, maintenance, and support. This will guarantee the best results for your app development project.

Onshore app development has its own advantages, as does offshore development. Depending on your needs as well as your budget capacity, one approach will definitely outshine the other. Offshore app development is where you hire an offshore developer (someone in a different location/country or from a different company to do the work. Offshore development company like Q3 Technologies, offers significant advantages in terms of expenses since offshore services are generally cheaper, yet they deliver the same quality of work. More than the cost, offshore development reduces your company's dependability on a single resource (such as your own in-house team). With offshore software product development companies, you have access to a diverse set of skills that you will have to spend significantly higher for, when hiring in-house talents.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Things One Must Know During ERP Integration

If you are planning to implement ERP solutions at your organization, then you should know all the essential things that can make your ERP implementation successful. While enterprise resource planning is an excellent way to streamline all your processes, it is also vital to understand its implications on your industry and what it can do to your processes.

Here are a few points that one needs to understand before integrating the processes through ERP.
·         ERP is implemented in organizations, to control all IT costs and also to improve the efficiency of processes.
·         There are many aspects and processes in an organization, which can be integrated with ERP. For instance, accounting and finance procedures, supply chain management, marketing and sales, and so on, can be integrated successfully under the ERP.
·         Each operation to be integrated is taken as a separate module under ERP and then these modules are interlinked to provide the users with one interface to interact.
·         Dedicated admins operate the ERP once it is integrated successfully. These admin users must be trained to use the ERP software so they understand how it works.
·         Since there are organizations that work all around the globe, ERP implementation can be cloud-based also, with additional security.
·         A trail of all users working under the ERP is provided to ensure secure transactions.
·         An Enterprise resource planning solution or software is designed to suit the customer interface efficiently. Customized solutions can be provided for each organization, depending upon the level of their operations.

ERP is the best way to increase the efficiency of your operations and make a success in any endeavour your organization is venturing into. Get a hold of the best ERP solution provider to implement it today.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Benefitsfor Offshore Mobile App Development

With the competition growing day by day, every organization and business is looking for ways and means to be the forerunner in it. Mobile apps are a recent addition to the race called the ‘customer acquisition’. The newly developed smart phoneswith so many apps already loaded on and much more to add, has made industries take keen interest in the process. Now, there is a debate about whether making your own app would be advisable or giving it to an expert is more preferable.

To give a suitable verdict to the debate, one needs to understand what goes into an app.  Since the main idea of developing an app is to establish a connection with the customers therefore, the app should be attractive and able to meet all your requirements. Though developing it in your own companywith some handful of software experts is a good option but the hassles of having so many things to do at the same time and also, finding people with expertise in all skills required to develop a mobile app is always a cumbersome process.

Hiring anapp development firm has a lot of advantages.   One, they are the experts and have the relevant experience. They know how to make things look attractive and clear.  Second, being the experts, you might get your app built on a much shorter time than otherwise.So,a good initial session and follow ups from your side, will get your idea across the development team. Once that is done, if you keep track of the iteration, you will surely reap the benefits of your hard work.

So, it is always a good idea to hire the experts in the field to build mobile apps that will bring us all the good things; you have aimed for it to achieve.