Thursday, 6 August 2015

Recent Trends in Hybris Development in Delhi

Hybris is an eCommerce software suite designed for enterprises that offers B2B and B2C store functionality. As of now, more than 2,500 online stores use the Hybris platform, containing more than 20 million products, and over 500,000 orders every day. The platform remains an extensive modular omni-channel commerce environment that provides cutting-edge functionality for B2B and B2C e-commerce environments.

Recently in March 2015, the latest version of Hybris Commerce Suite (ver 5.5) was released to the public, offering a more powerful platform for omni-channel commerce.
Below are some of the most significant improvements and features that Hybris offers to businesses around the world:

• The new version of Hybris includes boasts of capabilities and modules useful for running non-channel-biased back end processes in domains such as customer service and product management. The support for these back end facilities, without the need for costlier integrations, is a unique feature present only in the latest Hybris version.

• An extensively responsive design, combined with a B2C accelerator, helps reduce front-end implementation work. This combination enables implementation of solution-specific requirements, rather than spending the allocated front-end development budget on mandatory responsive redesign.

The latest Hybris platform implements Forms (it’s Forms standard) which allows for more convenient solutions for complex product lines. Traditionally, this required enabling consumers to store product-specific data while placing RFQs and orders. This often resulted in costly customizations and modifications. Form offers built-in capabilities for values stored by consumers to be easily configured. After storing values, reference implementation is immediately available to create an order model. Forms can also include complex validation dependencies and rules for more efficient implementation of the project.

• Hybris 5.5 also offers extensive CMS improvements for more intuitive and user-friendly tools to create and edit content, including a responsive live edit feature. While some features were included in previous version via Hybris Labs extensions, Hybris 5.5 has them in-built, giving it more comprehensive functionalities. Some enhancements for page preview modes are available for sites to easily be previewed for various break points and mobile devices.